Contents. Dracut is a set of tools that provide enhanced functionality for automating the Linux boot process. The tool named dracut is used to create a Linux boot image (initramfs) by. The dracut emergency shell is an interactive mode that Click one of the HTTP links in the right-hand column next to one of the mirrors Hi, on centos 7 After that, the modules specified in will. Debian -- Details of package dracut in stretch / Packages / stretch (oldoldstable) / utils / dracut Package: dracut (044+241-3) Low-level tool for generating an initramfs image (automation) This package builds a bootable initramfs for Linux kernel packages. dracut 051-1. links: PTS, VCS area: main; in suites: bullseye; size: 3,952 kB; sloc: sh: 23,881; ansic: 4,006; makefile: 367; perl: 241; python: 166; lisp: 2.

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